Breathe: On George Floyd and the Trinity

God in the Midst of the City

We have now been a Cathedral family together, you and I, for a long time.  I believe you know that I don’t prefer to preach sermons that can be construed, or misconstrued, as political.  I abhor when I, or churches, are referred to with secular terms like “liberal” or “conservative.”  I, and the other preachers I know, seek only to preach, and with feet of clay to live, the Gospel that defies such designations.  Sometimes the world compels us to proclaim the Gospel when it isn’t comfortable to do so.  I trust that you will hear the words I preach today as from someone who loves our Cathedral community and means it whenever we quote Psalm 46:5 and say that we seek to proclaim God in the midst of the city.  This is also Trinity Sunday, and as such I’m beholden on this day to say something about the nature…

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