18 AUGUST The Feast of William Porcher Dubose, Priest 1918


Tomorrow, 18 August in Seibels Chapel, Trinity Cathedral (Episcopal)  we will remember and commemorate the life and ministry of the Reverend William Porcher DuBose who was born in 1816 on a plantation near Winnsboro, South Carolina.   The details of his life and ministry can be found here William Porcher DuBose Wikipedia.  The opening sentence of his biography in Lesser Feasts and Fasts published by the Episcopal Chruch states: “William Porcher (pronounced por-shay) Dubose, probably the most original and creative thinker of the American Episcopal Church has ever produced, spent most of his life a professor at the University of the South, in Sewanee, Tennessee. He was not widely traveled, and not widely known, until at age 56, he published the first of several books on theology that made him respected, not only in his own country, but also in England and France.”

“He treated life and doctrine as a dramatic dialogue, fusing the best of contemporary thought and criticism with his own strong inner faith. The richness and complexity of DuBose’s thought are not easily captured in a few words, but the following passage   written shortly before his death in 1918, is a characteristic sample of his theology: God has placed forever before our eyes , not the image but the Very Person of the Spiritual Man. We have not to ascend into Heaven to bring Him down, not to descend into the abyss to bring Him up, for He is with us, and near us, and in us. We have only to confess with our mouths that He is Lord, and believe in our hearts that God has raised Him from the dead- and raised us with Him-and we shall live”

It is men such as those that makes me proud to be a “South Carolinian” though once removed as a humble immigrant from Arkansas.  Praise be to God for all his mercy in raising up men and women like William Procher DuBose.


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