POETRY and Law – Made for Each Other?

I am re blogging a post from my friend professor Gerry Beyer a law professor at  Texas Tech School of Law in which he reproduces a poem written in lament of the estate planning mess wrought by Prince’s inaction in making appropriate plans for his demise.  Be warned, large or small estate, you really need a will and at the very least a health care directive.  Trusting in the Lord is good for the soul but it can be murder on the health and well being of family.


Thursday, June 9, 2016

Poem on Prince’s Sister Protecting His Estate

PrinceFredrick E. Vars, Univ. of Alabama Sch. of Law, recently wrote a poem entitled, Prince’s Siblings: Thieves in the Temple?, (2016). Provided below is the poem:


There once was a popstar named Prince.

He died and we’ve looked ever since

For a will to instruct us how

To divide this massive cash cow.


People looked high, people looked low.

Was there a will? Answer still no.

His sister rushed into the breach

And sought immediate relief.


She asked not for power or money,

But for a familiar trustee

To protect the diamonds and pearls

Until the true facts are unfurled.


So tabloids let’s NOT go crazy

As journalism, that’s lazy.

Go search for lost kids if you must

Or better a will under dust.


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