Thursday, and Friday of this week found me visiting Raleigh and Durham again for a combination of business and personal reasons.  Of course, I had to take in the garden, the chapel and the Mad Hatter.  Through the miracle of cell phone technology I can now make a photo record of these trips.  Each time I visit I see something new and interesting and would like to share it.  Heaven help me if I ever get to England or Europe and am confronted with the likes of Chartres or Westminster Abbey.

Duke Chapel from the Road
The Arrival  – The arrival near west campus is always announced with the bell tower of Duke Chapel, a reminder that in medieval times church spires were visible above everything.

Duke Gardens Sign
The Sarah P. Duke Garden had its inception in the mind of a neurologist who worked and taught at Duke Medical School.  He first turned to the University to obtain funds to purchase and develop what was then a vacant lot used for waste.  The University refused to provide funding and so he then turned to a longtime friend – Doris Duke who provided the initial funding for development.
Duke Garden Entrance
The Entrance
The Path Through the Garden
Scene along one of the paths.
The Ascent into Light
The Ascent into Light.  To get to the chapel you must literally climb out of the garden. I find this a good metaphor  for a climb out of darkness and into light
Transport Revealed Along the Path –  For faculty and students A free ride with a free loan of a bicycle.
Zagster II
Details for Use – Food for thought for Downtown Columbia.  By doing this we would reduce traffic and contribute to physical fitness at the same time.  One must dream to begin to move toward “enlightenment” from time to time.
The Matriculation
The Road to the Chapel requires a negotiation between buildings
Duke Chapel Arrival
The Face of Faith  – Arrival at the Chapel
Entrance to the Holy of Holies
The Entrance to the Nave
The Nave in Full Regalia
The Nave in Full Regalia – Today the Nave was uncharacteristically “lit up” .On most visits it is in semi-darkness or very low light  causing the structure to exude a very medieval quality.

High Altar II

The Altar  Vested for the Pentecost Season

Memorial Chapel with Scarcaphogi of Washington Duke and his Two Sons James Duke and Benjamen Duke
The Memorial Chapel with unique pulpit  and the three sarcophagi (on left) which are the tombs of Washington Duke and his sons James B. Duke and Benjamin N. Duke .
Memorial Chapel Altar Detail
Memorial Chapel Altar Detail.  Notice the reredos with the limewood figures  of Jesus in the middle and Saint Paul on the left with Saint Peter on the right.
Votives in the Memorial Chapel
Votive Candles  in Memorial Chapel – While in typical Methodist practice these are lit to commemorate those who are deceased , Duke Chapel is ecumenical with Anglican and Roman Catholic congregations so the “intention” of these votives  serves  many purposes
The Descent into the Darkness
The Descent to Garden metaphorically signifying the return to the material world and in a sense – darkness.
Path in the Japeneese Garden
The Return through the newly opened Japanese Garden
Liturgy of Departture
The Liturgy of Departure from Durham with the rubrically mandated visit to the Hatter

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