Something from the Belle of Amherst

Dickinson, Emily 2


In reading through the Poem Hunter blog tonight I came across this poem from Emily Dickinson which is noted as being new to Poem Hunter.  I am sharing it as it struck me as insightful. As the poem points out truth is good health, safety and sky (which I read as unlimited potential) whereas a lie is a mere dodge which in the end hurts us badly.

I have to come to believe, along with Lauren Winner, that Emily Dickinson should be commemorated, if not formally recognized, as a Saint.  And as an introduction to the poem I include a Collect to commemorate her by.

Almighty God, we pray that thou wilt be with those who practice the poetic arts as did your servant Emily Dickinson and will enable them to convey your truth in all its depth through the majesty and mystery of words so that all who read those words might come to know you better and better, through Jesus Christ Our Lord.  Amen.


A Counterfeit – a Plated Person

A Counterfeit – a Plated Person –
I would not be –
Whatever strata of Iniquity
My Nature underlie –
Truth is good Health – and Safety, and the Sky.
How meagre, what an Exile – is a Lie,
And Vocal – when we die –


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