“‘The Science Is Settled’ and Other Self-Serving Falsehoods,” By Bruce Frohnen

I am presenting a view by  law professor Bruce Frohnen with which I do not necessarily agree.  It is good to consider differing views.  The professor does not necessarily dispute the conclusion that we are suffering climate disruption but rather he is concerned that dissenting voices are being bullied into silence when we should remain open to points which they make.   PN


Nomocracy In Politics

For some years, now, we have been hearing that global warming is a settled scientific fact. It has reached the point where there are calls for ejecting scientists who express doubts about this revealed truth from their positions within the scientific community. At the same time, various stories have leaked to the press (or rather leaked out through alternative media despite the determined efforts of the mainstream media) that show attempts at exaggeration and even fabrication of evidence to bolster the environmentalist ideology. From the “climategate” emails to congressional charges that NOAA, the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, has been engaging in biased “corrections” of data in order to gloss over a fifteen-year hiatus in the supposed trend of global warming, the reputation of the official scientific “community” has been coming under attack.

Being no scientist myself, I hazard no definitive statement, here, regarding the specifics involved in proving global…

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