Saint Margaret of Scotland and Keeping the Faith in Times of Trouble


Today is the feast day of Margaret of Scotland in the Prayer Book Calendar. Saint Margaret was an English princess who married a Scottish King and who became a Christianizing force in Scotland at a time of lax liturgical practices and barbarity among the people.   She encountered much resistance in her ministry but held steadfast to her goals.  As we face increasing tension and danger from terrorist activity I look to Saint Margaret as an example of someone firm in their faith to the end.  Someone who did not blanch in the face of adversity but persisted in her quest to bring Christ into the world.  I pray that as we react to the terror of the times let us not forget to contemplate and pray that our response  might be measured and informed by our prayers.  Let us not condemn our Muslim brothers and sisters out of prejudice nor shrink from our duties as citizens of the world.  May God guide us as we go forth to confront the evils surrounding us and comfort us with the knowledge of the healing power of his Son our Savior Jesus Christ.


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