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   During the height of  the “prohibition era” President Franklin D. Roosevelt personally found such foolishness to be, well, foolishness.  He proclaimed to his staff that martini’s would be served every afternoon at a set hour and to avoid public scorn it would be referred to as  “the Children s Hour. ”  This Advent Trinity Cathedral is instituting it’s own version  of the “Children’s Hour”  sans martini’s, of course.


Columbia, South Carolina

A Celebration of the Family during the Season of Advent  

An Invitation to One and All,

 Especially Young Children.

The season of Advent is about waiting and anticipation.  It begins on the Sunday following Thanksgiving Day and continues until the Feast of the Nativity beginning at midnight on Christmas Eve.  As we await the coming of Our Lord at this time of the year we also cherish and anticipate the coming of family and friends in the celebration of the Christmas Feast.  The Church is an association of families who through their attendance and worship become members of the larger family that is the Church. This family of Christ includes all Christian people.  This year Father Dane Boston, a Canon at Trinity Cathedral, will be leading a special form of Evening Prayer  taken from The Book of Common Prayer each Wednesday night at 5:30 p.m. just before our parish dinner.

This service has been specially adapted to speak to and include the entire family, especially young children.  There will be special prayers, stories, and music designed to be understandable by young children in the worship and to make this season special and meaningful to them.

Please accept our invitation to join us for this special service.  No one is too old or too young to attend.  Let us await the coming of Our Lord with prayerful anticipation and quiet joy by sharing our worship with our families and especially our children.  Your family is a part of the family of the Church and we want to welcome you home. Please come.



(1)  Mother and Child” by Pablo Picasso (1901).

(2) ” Siebels Chapel of Trinity Episcopal Cathedral , Photograph by Paul Nicholson                         (2015)



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