Trinity Icon Closeup

A version of The Trinity Icon has found a new home at the Seibel’s Chapel of Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in Columbia, South Carolina which is also the site of the Daily Office morning and evening. This version of the famous work comes to us through the talent of the Reverend Canon Charles Davis who learned the art of Icon making during a recent sabbatical.

A brief description concerning the history of this famous artwork from Wikipedia

The Trinity (Russian: Троица, also called The Hospitality of Abraham) is an icon created by a Russian painter Andrei Rublev in the 15th century. It is his most famous work, and the most famous of all Russian icons, regarded as one of the highest achievements of the Russian art. Scholars believe that is it one of only two works of art (the second being the Dormition Cathedral frescoes in Vladimir) that can be attributed to Rublev with any sort of certainty. 

The piece depicts the hospitality of Abraham for the three angles which visited him under the Oak of Mamre as told in the Book of Genesis:  Ch 18 v1-8

For more detail see:

All are invited to drop by and view this piece either during an Office or at other convenient times.

Trinity Icon Wide Angle

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