The Deluge by Francis Danby c. 1837
The Deluge by Francis Danby c. 1837
Salvador Dali _ Die heilige Bibel (1964-1967)
Salvador Dali  “Aquae diluvil super terram”(1964-1967)


The Flood, Norman Adams (cir 1970)

In response to the flood being experienced in Columbia this morning I offer three works to contemplate and as prayers for deliverance.

     The first, is titled “The Deluge” by Francis Darby (1840).  Depicting the narrative of Genesis 7, Darby, in his typical epic style, depicts water dominating the landscape with humans being dwarfed by it.  As one site puts it :  ‘The waters swirl, dragging animals and people as they desperately try to cling to the mountain peak, now almost overwhelmed.”  

     The second is like love at first sight.  Dali has always been a mystery to me but viewing his work here titled “Aquae dilvil super terram” (roughly waters deluging over the earth) painted (1964) it is love at first sight.  Again as noted on the site shown above it is described thus: “…his terrifying image of a monstrous floor has poignant significance. Dali painted it after the 1962 flash flood in Barcelona, which killed nearly a thousand people in his home country.  The horror of mud and destruction is captured in the black menacing central form, though hope too is expressed in the ark and the dove behind.”   

     Finally, a real favorite, the best for last, a work by British artist Norman Adams, RA , “The Flood” (cir 1967).   This work was commissioned as part of a series of commissions from Oxford University Press for illustrations of the publication of the Old Testament portion of a bible.  Note how Adams uses water flasks as representative of storm clouds which adds extra dimension to the painting as it suggests that the water will pour out in volume rather than fall as rain. Magnificent!

     To my mind God is always interacting with his creation and he is doing that now. He continues  to remake the created world with wind and fire, rain and flood and brings about a remaking and reforming.  And, so it is in our lives as well as tragedy and misfortune, pain and loss are used to remake and reform us into an image more nearer, more clearer, to that of our maker.  Our chances and changes are not to be feared but rather to be embraced.

Note;  while I cannot seem to copy this hyperlink the address for the site from which this came is :

This piece was written while listening to Sibelius Second Symphony, a joyous and uplifting piece to support the heart in this time of trouble.



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