The Divine Office According to the Anglican Rite of the Book of Common Prayer

St Francis

14 AUGUST Feast of Jonathan Myrick Daniels,  Seminarian and Martyr, 1965.  We remembered Jonathan Myrick Daniels tonight at evening prayer in  which we combined prayers according to Rite I of the Book of Common Prayer, lessons  and incense to mark the occasion of his life and martyrdom.  Three were in attendance.  One of the three was an Officiant in training and another wonderful young woman from Mexico City who was a teacher and attending a conference at the University of South Carolina.  We tend to have a lot of drop-ins from the wider community on Fridays and a fair number of Spanish speakers.  This begs the question of whether the officiants should study and learn Spanish and whether the Cathedral should invest in some copies of the Prayer Book in Spanish.  This particular officiant plans to learn Spanish so as to be able to minister to this community, or at least be able to understand and pronounce their names.   Our prayers completed, for now, this officiant is off for a well-earned glass of wine and to cook a wonderful Italian dinner for his family.  Pax et Bonum.  Paul.

P.S.  The picture is that of a statue of Saint Francis of Assisi assiduously maintained and groomed by Jana Clare Nicholson in the back garden of our residence on Plainfield Road in Columbia, South Carolina.


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