Jonathan Myrick Daniels

4 August – JONATHAN MYRICK DANIELS, Seminarian and Martyr, 1965

I can remember clearly the day my family received the news that Jonathan Myrick Daniels had been killed.  I can remember the shock and absolutely devastated look on my mother’s face upon learning that an Episcopal seminarian had been slain by an unemployed highway worker.  This woman who been raised to believe in white superiority and whose family were silent accomplices in the evil called segregation was absolutely brought to her knees to realize that this tolerated evil was reaching way beyond anything previously imagined and threatening the safety and welfare of all people, even the superior race, with death and destruction.  Today, I pray for the soul of Jonathan Myrick Daniels who was a very brave witness to Our Lord. And,  I also pray for the soul of my mother who came to understand that what Dr. King and Jonathan and others were fighting for was right, true and just.  She overcame her “heritage” and also became a brave witness to Our Lord and instilled in me and my brother the realization that all men and women are truly created equal in the sight of God.  Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy. Amen.


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