Today we celebrate Saint Herman of Alaska.  Herman was a monastic. a spiritual leader, a teacher, a a fierce protector of native Alaskans who were under siege by Russian colonists.  His biography is summarized in Holy Women, Holy Men.  His biography is also set out in Wikipedia.  I found one portion of that biography to be particularly meaningful.  In describing his solitary lifestyle the author states that “He wore simple clothes and slept on a bench covered with a deerskin. When asked how he could bear to be alone in the forest, he replied, “I am not alone. God is here, as God is everywhere.”  Yes, I totally agree, God is everywhere and in all things, and all humankind.  While most may take this for granted I have only recently come to realize that even in the most secular and simple things God is there and that theology knows no bounds.  While I think I always knew this it has only lately worked itself out in practical application largely due to the example set by a young priest who through her writings and teaching has taught me to find God everywhere.  For this I am eternally grateful.


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