4 July 2015 Independence Day

As we begin the celebration of our Independence Day I have been trying to get my head around all that has been said and all that has happened  during the recent General Convention of the Episcopal Church especially with regard to the issue of extending the sacrament of marriage to single gender couples.  I have read papers and articles on both sides of the issue and read the day-to-day coverage of the proceedings and yet I remain foggy about the interrelation of scripture, culture and revelation.  I am left with two thoughts: (1)  As a very wise young priest said in a homily at noon mass last week “All I can do is pray”  And, (2) we have entrusted our Bishops and laity with the duty to seek God’s will and then to put it into action.  I have to trust that they have prayerfully, and sincerely tried to do that.  The vote has been taken and the decision made so it is now time to close ranks and move forward.  That’s not to say I will not continue to  study this issue of scripture versus culture but publicly I support the decision of the Church.  It is also not to say that those who oppose this course are not to respected and provision made for their interpretations. May God look down upon us and bless us as we go forward.

One can take some comfort in the psalms to be read on the fourth day in the thirty-day Psalter cycle in the Book of Common Prayer: 

Psalm 19

1. The heavens declare the Glory of God*

and the firmament his handy work,

2 One day tells its tale to another *

and one night imparts knowledge to another,

3 Although they have no words or language, *

and their voices are not heard,

4 That sound has gone out unto all the lands, *

and their message to the ends of the world,

7 The law of the Lord is perfect

and revives the soul,*

the testimony of the Lord is sure

and rejoice the heart,

11 By them also is your servant enlightened, *

and i keeping them there is a great reward,

And, in Psalm 20

1 May the Lord answer you in the day of trouble,*

the Name of the God of Jacob defend you,

2 Send you help from his holy place,*

and strengthen you out of Zion,

So, in this time of trouble I will call upon the name of the Lord in the hope that it may defend us and that the perfect law of the lord will revive the soul.  I am resolved to call upon the Name of the Lord through prayer and trust  hoping that in them this servant will be enlightened and his soul , along with that of the whole Church., may be revived.  P.N.


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